Boys who are interested to volunteer can prefer the resources through myscouting. Having an account in myscouting will give the privilege to access the resources, information related to scouting training, events proceedings, and the chartering details. This platform is created to extend support for the respective roles that you hold in scouting. Every time you can check out the resources getting added and you would see the specificity for the rank or the position that you have in my scouting. This is also enabling to enhance communication and rapport directly with people and also to create hard-working team members. You are expected to have membership by registering properly with myscouting.

Myscouting Online training

My scouting is determined to provide online training and courses to focus on protecting the youngsters and also to give an overview of BSA training. Through circulars, the account holders get updated with the national events or to have any access to the district or unit tools you are requested to complete registration. Once you complete all the registration and login procedures you are registered for updating the events and get good relation with the alumni of scouting

Scouts of America

One of the adventurous activities for the boys is scouting because other than fun and frolic, students leadership gets enhanced. Scouting is seen as the future for some, where their learning in this platform is enabled to have a secure future. Scouts of America is considered to be the largest organization in the Scouting arena and aimed to focus on youngsters. Presently 2.3 million youngsters exist as volunteers who have joined in this movement to get trained as a responsible citizen, self-motivated person, trustworthy personality, and so on.

How to login to

Once you have registered for the account, you are privileged to login with your credentials. Let us get started to check out the login option.
  • Log in to the website
  • Under the option “Welcome to my.scouting” fill the login credentials
  • Type the created username
  • Key in the password created at the time of registration
  • Click the option Login

How to create account?

The mandatory option for the scouts’ boy is to get the accessibility by creating account in myscouting. When you create an account, you get the complete management about the scouting events and get to know about the Youth participation.
  • Open the website
  • Click the option Create Account
  • Fill the required options asked in the redirected page
  • Type the first name
  • Enter the last name
  • Fill in the Birth details as asked in the format
  • Provide the ZIP code
  • Select Yes or No option for “Are you outside the US”
  • Click the option “Next”
  • Account creation options get opened
  • Create Username
  • Type your proper email address
  • Confirm the same email address by retyping
  • Provide your phone number
  • Select the country from the drop-down list
  • Type your address in the option
  • Key in the postal code
  • Select the Gender
  • Create Strong Password
  • Retype the Created password
  • After the above details, account recovery option needs to be created
  • Select the first security question
  • Type the Answer for the selected question
  • Choose the Second security question from the drop-down list
  • Fill in the answer for the same
  • Press the option Create Account

Forgot username/ password myscouting.orgf

When we forget the username or password of myscouting, we need to adhere to the following procedures
  • Check into the website
  • Click the option Forgot Username/password
  • Retrieval page gets opened

Myscouting Recover username

  • Provide your registered email address or the member ID
  • Type the Date of Birth
  • Click Recover Username

My scouting Recover Password

  • Type the created Username
  • Press the button Recover Password
Check your email for the link sent and follow the instructions.

Myscouting FAQ

Why should I create my scouting account?
If you create the account in myscouting, you can get to know the events related to scouting options, training information, and programs to become a well-established person.

What is the criterion for creating Myscouting Password?
To create a password, you are requested to follow the below conditions
  • Should have a minimum of one alphabet
  • Ensure to have at least a number
  • Include one special character
  • Should have one uppercase in the password
Can we not log in without my scouting membership ID?
In the absence of membership ID, the user can simply check the option “I am not a member”. After logging in, you can very well update the profile.

How to get the membership ID for myscouting?
To get the membership ID of myscouting, you are requested to approach the Registration in-charge person to get the membership card.

How to get to know about BSA training?
  • Enter into the website
  • Login with your account credentials
  • Choose the option Dashboard
  • Select Administration
  • Click the option “My account”
  • Choose “My training”
  • For more details, you can get to know from
How to get the printed membership cards of myscouting?
Whoever wants to take the printed form of myscouting membership card, find below the details
  • Log in to the website
  • Select the option Menu
  • Click the option “My Dashboard”
  • Select the Three-line menu
  • Choose “My Profile”
  • Press the membership card icon
Can you provide contact details of my scouting?
Member Care can be contacted at [email protected]
Dial 972-580-2489

How to confirm the registration with myscouting?
After filling in all the details required you would be asked for confirmation by checking your email and opening the link sent. Click the link which you receive from the organization Myscouting.

I am unable to login to the website myscouting website. What is the reason?
  • Make sure that you are typing the exact password you created at the time of your login.
  • Remember that your password is case sensitive

What are the benefits I would get by having registered with
  • Be a proud member of Boys Scouts of America
  • Get the Scouts membership ID
  • Get updated with National Scouts events
  • Be aware about the Training programs and volunteering options